Jtown Plant Sale

Flats of Annuals

Pre-ordered $16.00 per flat.  $18.00 at the Red & Blue Fair. 

Coleus are terrific foliage plants for shade, which makes them great porch plants!  They prefer moist soil and look great in beds or mixed into containers with other plants.

Impatiens are a garden favorite delivering long lasting color in the shade, from summer to fall.  Plant in fertile well drained soil in beds or containers.  Space 8 to 10 inches apart.  They spread into mounds of beautiful flowers.

Allysum have tiny delicate-looking flowers.  Easy to grow, as a border plant or for containers, growing six to nine inches tall, with a profusion of flowers.  For full to partial sun, they do well in average soils and tolerate dry conditions.

Lobelia is a border or container plant with intense, dainty blue o flowers , 1/2 inch across.  A compact plant with attractive foliage, blooming continuously until frost.  4-6 ” high, plant in part sun, moist soil. 

Begonias have bright, colorful flowers blooming with little care.  Low-growing, in masses or containers in full sun or partial shade. Plant firmly, not too deeply.  For maximum growth, roots must never dry out so carefully water and mulch.  Feed sparingly.

Petunias are great annuals for massed display, containers or hanging baskets.  Bloom all summer and into autumn if faded flowers are removed regularly.  Grows quickly to height of 10-16 inches and enjoy full-sun and well-drained soil.  Do not to over-water or over-fertilize. 

Zinnias practically define ‘cut flowers’ because the more you cut, the more you get from July to frost.  Traditional and old-fashioned, butterflys love them too! Fertilize at least once a month and water frequently.   Best in full sun, well draining soil. 


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