Jtown Plant Sale

Individual Plants

Individual Plants are $4.00 in advance and $4.50 at the Red & Blue Fair.  They come in 4.5″ pots.

Geraniums are among the most popular and reliable flowering plants in the home garden. They flower in spring and will add color to the garden until frost. They like at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight daily and should be watered at least once per week.  Remove faded flowers to encourage blooms.  New this year:  also available in 6 1/2″ and Jumbo sizes.  See Order Form for details.

Sweet Potato Vine is grown for its decorative foliage and vigorous growth habit. It works nicely in mixed containers and as a ground cover. This is a heat loving plant that can stand full sun, but it’s color will deepen in partial shade.

Dahlias are relatively simple to grow. They enjoy a sunny location, adequate water, and light fertilizer. The most common mistake in dahlia care is overfeeding, so be cautious not to be too heavy or too frequent with the fertilizer.

Caladium are known for their spectacularly colorful foliage.  Although tropical, they grow fast enough to be enjoyed during the summer in our climate and all year long as houseplants.  Shade and humidity lovers, Caladiums dazzle in shade gardens with their large, pointed arrow-shaped leaves splashed with shades of green, white, cream, pink and red, making great container or bed plants.

Dracena Spikes and Vinca Vine add visual interest to containers.  Can be brought in for the winter as a house plant.










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